My name is Lucie Young and I am a qualified personal trainer and professional fitness coach based in Dunstable.

Everybody has different fitness goals but I can put together a programme that works especially for you and matches your lifestyle. I offer a friendly “no nonsense” approach which avoids fitness fads and exaggerated claims, setting realistic targets and making sure you feel good about achieving them before aiming even higher.

Even with the best of intentions, it can be very hard to stick to a fitness regime all by ourselves. The challenges of work, relationships and family make life stressful and as a result personal health is often compromised. Hiring a personal trainer can turn fitness into something much more fun, motivating and socially rewarding rather than something that requires additional self-discipline.

Please feel free to contact me today for a chat about your personal fitness plan so that we can work together to take your health, strength and fitness to the next level!